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Colin's Eggs

Colin's Eggs are produced in Pittsboro, NC at our small, family run bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is called 458 West and is located on an acre just a half mile from the circle in downtown Pittsboro. The girls have a coop and enclosed run though they regularly free range on the property. We have a working garden for seasonal vegetables and fruits and have plans to add fruit trees. The chickens love to greet our guests and often come running over to see if you might just have some scratch to throw their way. 

Egg cost: $6 per dozen, $9 per 18-pack

Our Hens

We have a flock of twenty hens comprised of four different breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucanas, Cuckoo Marans and Olive Eggers. Our eggs are light brown, blue-green, dark brown and olive green. The chickens love to free range for tasty snacks around the property. Their diet includes layer feed, scratch grains, cracked corn, seasonal vegetables and fruits from the garden and high protein treats including dried mealworms; a flock favorite!

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